Our platform enables your student to learn both the digital and life skills need to be included in our tech-driven workplaces.


"As a parent, I can tell you that Digitability is a rare find. I signed up for Digitability to give my child something that would engage him, but also teach him valuable skills. Digitability does this in a manner that keeps my son coming back for more! Plus, we can do it together, so I’m learning new skills too!"
-- Leslie Baretta, parent of an exceptional child

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As your child goes through our interactive curriculum, he or she will be learning everything from internet basics, to online safety, and eventually work their way up to creating a skill-based portfolio of their own.

You’ll always be in the know. Get notifications on your child’s progress. You can even add your child’s teacher and therapist to receive updates!

Filled with hundreds of lessons, the Digitability platform can be used at home, in therapy and in the classroom!

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Josh Bornstein

Director of Special Projects, Union County Educational Services Commission

"The Digitability curriculum is uniquely suited for our programs serving transition-age students. It addresses prerequisite skills related to employability and independent living -- and all in the context of preparing our students to be responsible and informed digital citizens."
"I was extremely impressed by the quality of the professional development that was provided as part of the implementation of Digitability. Often training involving new online instructional platforms is too focused on the technical aspects of the software. Michele McKeone's approach to our PD session was instead focused on the successful delivery of the curriculum including modeling important practices such as differentiated instruction, prompting, and positive reinforcement. While my teacher learned how to facilitate Digitability, she was also exposed to a sound refresher covering key research-based approaches to teaching student with Autism and other special needs."


Alton Strange

Transition Coordinator, School District of Philadelphia

"Digitability combines skill enhancement and real world applications that assist students with learning how to understand, interact, and develop the tools to find their voice in this world."


Patrick Timony

Adaptive Technology Librarian, DC Public Library

"Digitability is impressive and very useful for students with and without disabilities learning to use technology in the classroom."


Dennis Morgan

Executive Director for Educational Services, Bancroft

I also have a vested interest in ensuring that our students are fully equipped to live their lives fully and safely in this digital age. ... Digitability helps facilitate that inclusiveness for people of varied abilities, including those on the autism spectrum, in a way no other technology-based business does.

Jane Cordero, M. Ed.

Autistic Support Teacher, High School Transition Coordinator

Digitability reminds me to use the correct terminology when teaching skill development.

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